Starting a Faceless YouTube Channel with AI Tools

YouTube is a place where lots of people watch videos. Some people make money by putting videos on YouTube. But what if you don’t want to show your face or talk in the videos? You can still make videos using AI tools.


In this article you’ll learn how to create faceless youtube channels. Keep reading.


What are the benefits of starting a YouTube channel?

  • Build Community
  • Share your passion
  • Extra income
  • Enhance your skills


So, you’re probably asking yourself by now, how to start a faceless youtube channel?


Here’s how you can do it in simple steps:


1. Choose What Your Videos Will Be About

First, you need to decide what your videos will be about. Pick something you like and know about. Make sure other people are interested in it too. If too many people are making videos about the same thing, it might be hard for others to find yours.

2. Let Artificial Intelligence Write for You

You don’t have to write what you want to say in the video. There are AI tools that can do that for you. They are called ChatGPT, AI, Rtyr, or Writesonic. You tell them what you want, and they write it. You might need to fix some things, but it’s easier than writing everything yourself.

3. Make the Video

You can make a video without filming anything. If you want to teach something, you can record what’s on your computer screen. Or you can use special programs that put pictures and clips together for you. Here are some good ones:

  • Invideo: It has lots of pictures and clips. You write what you want to say, and it puts everything together.
  • Audioread: It’s like Invideo but can also read what you wrote out loud.
  • Synthesia: It makes a pretend person talk for you in the video.

4. Make a Picture for Your Video

People see a picture before they click on your video. You want to make a good one so they want to watch. You can make a picture with Canva or have a computer program make one for you.

5. Write a Good Title and Description

You need a good title so people want to watch your video. You can use computer programs to help you think of one. Then you write a short description about what’s in the video. Put words that people might search for so they can find your video.

Should You Make Videos This Way? Making videos without showing your face is easy with these tools. But it’s still work. You have to fix things and make them just right.

If you don’t want to use computer programs, you can make videos other ways too. You can record your computer screen or use your own pictures and voice.

If you want to try something new and don’t mind learning, making videos this way could be fun for you.


12 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas You Can Do for 2023

  1. AI Narrated Audiobooks: Share public domain or original stories, novels, and poetry with AI-generated voiceovers.
  2. Animated Life Hacks: Use animations to showcase daily life hacks, tips, and tricks for various topics.
  3. Virtual Travel Tours: Use drone footage, 360-degree videos, or stock clips to take viewers on virtual tours of famous landmarks and hidden gems.
  4. Music and Soundscapes: Create relaxing or motivational music playlists, ambient sounds, or soundscapes for meditation, study, or sleep.
  5. Historical Recounts: Dive into historical events, timelines, and lesser-known facts using animations, graphics, and voiceovers.
  6. Tech Tutorials: Offer step-by-step guides on using software, apps, or tech gadgets without showing your face, using screen recordings.
  7. Recipe and Cooking Animations: Share delicious recipes through animated videos, showcasing ingredients and cooking methods.
  8. Mystery and Conspiracy Theories: Delve into unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, or paranormal events using graphics, voiceovers, and stock footage.
  9. DIY and Craft Tutorials: Use time-lapse or step-by-step videos to showcase DIY projects, crafts, or home improvement tips.
  10. Educational Mini-Docs: Create short documentaries on various subjects like science, space, nature, or culture using animations and voiceovers.
  11. Financial and Investment Tips: Share advice on budgeting, investing, or financial planning using charts, graphics, and voice narrations.
  12. Animated Reviews: Review movies, books, products, or games through animated characters or graphics, offering insights and ratings.



Some Tips For Successful faceless youtube channel:

  1. Add music to your videos to enhance the viewer expirience.
  2. Make a keyword research before you start create content.
  3. Choose a specific niche and create content around that specific topic.
  4. Search for trending topics around your niche.
  5. Add captions to your video clips.
  6. Leverage AI technology to save time.
  7. People love educational content, try to teach your audience on your chosen niche.
  8. Use ChatGPT to create countless ideas for videos.
  9. Create high quality videos to enhance your viewer expirience.
  10. Learn from other youtubers, there are many youtubers out there to learn from.
  11. Learn the youtube algorithm.
  12. Promote your youtube channel on social media platforms. (Yes, you can use AI for that too, Press here to learn more)
  13. Encourage viewers to Like, Subscribe, and share your youtube channel.


Some video editing tools:

  1. Fliki
  2. Invideo
  3. VidyoAI
  4. Wave Video
  5. CapCut
  6. Adobe Priemere


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I make my YouTube channel faceless with AI?
It’s simple! First, decide on your video topic. Then, use AI tools like Jasper AI, Rtyr, or Writesonic to write your video script. Next, create your video using tools like Invideo or Lumen5 that can put together clips and pictures. You can even have AI make a pretend person talk in your video with tools like Synthesia. Lastly, design a picture for your video and write a good title and description.

Is it possible to be a faceless YouTuber?
Yes, it is! Many YouTubers make videos without showing their face. They use animations, screen recordings, or AI tools to create their content.

Does YouTube ban AI generated content?
No, YouTube doesn’t ban AI-generated content. However, the content should follow YouTube’s guidelines and policies. It’s important to make sure your videos offer value and are not misleading or spammy.

Can AI generated content be monetized?
Yes, AI-generated content can be monetized. But, just like any other content, it needs to meet YouTube’s monetization criteria, like having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Also, the content should be original and not violate any copyrights.

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