Omniverse Audio2Face

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Omniverse Audio2Face Description

Omniverse Audio2Face is an application that simplifies the process of animating a 3D character to match any voice-over track. It comes preloaded with a 3D character model that can be animated with a voice-over track. The audio input is fed into a pre-trained deep neural network which drives the 3D vertices of the character mesh to create the facial animation in real-time. Omniverse Audio2Face also has a character transfer feature that allows users to retarget to any 3D human or human-like face. Users can scale the output with multiple characters in the scene and control the emotion of the character with an AI network. It also supports export-import with Blendshapes for Blender and Epic Games Unreal Engine to generate motion for characters. Additionally, it has data conversion features that allow for blendshape conversion and blendweight export options.

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